The type of workspace makes differences in both productivity as well as success

Work environment is largely affected by productivity. I worked in a small boutique type of supplier that valued comfort as well as workspace mood. The owners had a brick building with some large Windows as well as many exposed rafter. Even the hardwood floors sometimes allow just a bit of flooded Sunshine enter those windows. There were usually some tunes that played soft music through the speakers as well as we had a candle burning most of the time. We were sometimes encouraged to recharge our levels as well as take breaks. There was access to many coffee varieties, baked goods, as well as T’s. During this workplace, I was gleeful as well as much more stimulated and found myself to be quite creative. I easily look towards the days of heading at that office every morning as well as unfortunately some downfalls of generosity seem to be the building problem. The overhead for this building was actually too valuable as well as they spent much money on Tim Hortons coffee as well as candles. When the supplier initially failed, I had to find jobs as soon as I could. I immediately took the very first position as well as find myself working for a huge corporation. I’m working on the 14th floor and have to take an elevator each morning as well as have my own drab cubicle. I really have a window view as well as my fellow co-workers don’t talk much to anyone else in the building. I certainly miss the days when I was working in a nicer supplier as well as office.


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