Confusion and memory loss

Although everyone seems to be getting happy over cryotherapy treatment, there are still some doubts in our mind.

  • I always like to learn all of the information before I try something new.

Even when I won a trip to a spa plus I had a free cryotherapy therapy treatment provided to me, I had to refuse. They kept telling myself and others there was no real risk involved, but they wanted myself and others to sit in a tube with only our head sticking out. I was going to be nearly naked while they blasted myself and others air that was more than -200 degrees Fahrenheit. They told myself and others it was only going to be for two or several hours, but I still had our doubts. I knew what it felt like to suffer from hypothermia. I also knew what it felt like to be claustrophobic. This tube was nothing more than a coffin where your head stuck out plus you had to sit up. I was petrified. Being a nursing student I knew what long periods of exposure to freezing could do to you. The body temperature drops which can lead to a slowing of the brain. Your heart plus breathing activity begins to slow. This could lead to heart attacks or abnormal heart rhythms. Confusion plus memory loss can occur which makes it hard to understand that something could be going extremely wrong. Until someone can guarantee me, unequivocally, that there is no dangerous in whole body cryotherapy, I am going to continue saying, ‘no thank you’. Free or not free, I don’t guess cryotherapy is for me.

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