Talk about being in a restaurant where you weren’t the right temperature.

When it comes to food, everyone has different tastes, literally.

We all have our favorite place to go to when something good happens or when we just need a comforting meal. Well it was shortly after I had graduated college and we were off to celebrate with the family. It was odd when we got there and the parking lot wasn’t as full as we expected for a normal weekend at dinnertime. It was shortly after we got our drinks that I noticed I was feeling slightly warmer than I would have liked to be sharing a booth. When we questioned the waitress she stumbled but then admitted they were having some issues with the air conditioning and that the HVAC service was onsite and already working to fix the issue as fast as they could. It’s not preferable to try and eat a hot meal with no air conditioning, but we chose to stick around as it was my favorite. As it turned out, the thermostat had broken and when they kept trying to turn the air conditioning up it had caused a fuse to stop working causing the compressor to overheat. Lucky for us we were right by the manager when the HVAC technician was explaining the problem. Fortunately the service call didn’t take too long and by the time our meal was out the air conditioning unit was up and running and we were on our way to cooling down again. That night turned out to be a night to remember and at least we got a free dessert.

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