Incentivizing physical fitness at work to get people moving

Working in HR is something few people really intend to do with their lives, if you ask me.

However, it’s where I wound up, and to be honest it’s not too shabby.

The pay is good, and I have no reason to not like it. Well, other than the fact that it is focused on human resources. By its nature, the matter is boring – in a word. As an adult, boredom in the workplace is arguably one of the best troubles you can have! I deal with the boredom often, as I try and make the most of it by occasionally several methods to improve my time on the clock. Most recently, I have been pushing this corporate wellness program that I championed, as I felt it should be instituted at the company to encourage healthy living. Pushing for physical fitness isn’t all about being good for them, but good for us as a company as well. Our health insurance premiums drop off considerably if no one smokes! With that, if pretty much everyone on staff lost weight, exercised, ate right and more, it could seriously save this company millions every year in insurance payments. That kind of money involved should make anyone eager to live healthier, right? Plus, we could get a weight room or exercise facility here in the office building with those savings, or even get gym memberships. How cool would that be? Whatever we try, the most important aspect is to keep focus on physical fitness. For health reasons and for financial reasons, I know that healthy living through diet and exercise is the best way to live.

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