My son Chance used to pretend to fix the A/C when he was little

Back when he was little, my son Chance used to pretend to fix the A/C and it was the cutest thing! He used to love to carry around his little tool box with him wherever he went.

It was always so cute to see him with his little wooden wrench and his pretend hammer and pliers.

I loved the way that he would always pretend to fix the heating and cooling system in our house. He would go over to the air conditioning vents in the kitchen and the hallway and he would pretend to unscrew the air vent covers. Then he would sit down on the floor and just hammer away on the air vent covers for a long time. I would always watch him and just laugh and laugh. Whenever he got a little bit older, my son used to tell all of us that he was going to become an HVAC technician when he grew up. His uncle was an HVAC technician and so he liked to copy him and pretend like he was going to work with him whenever he was playing. Chance was always very interested in the heating and cooling industry and so whenever he finished up with high school and went to the local HVAC training course at the technical school, none of us were surprised. He finally finished up with the course and he was at the top of his class when he finished. I think that being an HVAC technician has just always been in his blood for some reason.



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