We hear every tiny squeak and creak inside the house

Most of the time at night, it’s so quiet in the home that you can hear a pin drop.

We hear every tiny squeak and creak inside of the house.

Our closest buddy is down the street. We don’t have any neighbors that are close to our home. When the neighbors have a loud party, sometimes we can hear the music. It’s nice to have some distance between the houses. We would never want to live in a town where we can look out the window and talk to each other. That is way too close in our opinion. Since it is untypical for us to hear any noises coming from our neighbor, it was honestly odd for us to get woken up in the middle of the night. We heard screaming and yelling. We quickly got out of bed and looked out the window. Our neighbor’s home was on fire. We got into our car and drove down there as quickly as we could. We wanted to lend any assistance if necessary. A fire truck pulled into the property right before we arrived. They started dousing the entire home with water. The neighbors got out of the house in time and so did all of the youngsters and the animals. No lives were lost while we were in the fire, but the flames took out half of the house. The fire was caused by a short in the furnace wires. The furnace fire could have been terrible. Furnace fires are a sizable problem in this section of the country. We all rely on these heating systems in winter and fires can happen from time to time.

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