Working on the top floor of my office building is the worst

I can’t believe that I ever wanted to move up to the top floor of this office building. Being up here is absolutely the worst. The indoor air quality on the top floor of the building is terrible. I never knew that it was so different up here than it is down on the bottom for us. I used to only work on the bottom floor of the building, and the indoor air quality down there is great. it was never too hot in the summer and it’s never too cold in the winter. I worked in the mailroom, and I always thought that I wanted to work my way up, so to speak. However, now that I have gotten several promotions and I am up on the top floor of the building, I see that things are not always better when you’re making more money. I am glad that I got some promotions, but I have to say that I really liked my office down in the mail room a whole lot better than I like the one upstairs where I am working now. The indoor air quality up here definitely leaves a whole lot to be desired. I just don’t understand why it gets so hot up here all the time. I know that heat rises, but the thermostat on the top floor of the building should be regulating the temperature up here. it just doesn’t work most of the time. I love my job, but I hate feeling like I’m working in a tropical rain forest up here on the top floor. It’s especially bad during the winter when you really want to wear your sweaters and warm clothes to work but then you’re sweating at your desk all day long.