Doesn’t anyone sell air conditioning anymore

I am forever wondering what happens to the summer things in the middle of summer.

I can’t even find a beach ball right now, let alone a beach chair or a window air conditioner.

It seems that everything has become very hard to find. It is only the middle of August and all of the summer items have become scarce. My window air conditioning has broken down and I needed to get a new one. The only air conditioner I could find was so overpriced that I couldn’t believe it. I saw the same air conditioner at almost $200 less in the beginning of the season. I understand the law of supply and demand, but this is ridiculous. I actually saw a really nice space heater in the store, that was really inexpensive. If I needed a space heater, I would have bought it. It had so many safety features that I couldn’t believe it. It was an oil filled space heater that was made so that if it were to be tipped over, it would shut down. The space heater also had a feature that if it began to overheat, it would turn off. I really gave it a second thought about purchasing the space heater. I knew that if I didn’t find another good window air conditioner soon, I was going to melt into a puddle in the middle of the floor. When they find my body, I will be nothing but a human fried egg. I will be looking for a decent air conditioner for as long as I need to.

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