My air conditioning can’t keep up with the heatwave

I can’t understand how summer can cause people to act the way they do.

It seems that people always seem to be at their worst when it is hot outside.

Not only does it cause sunburns and heat stroke, but it brings humidity along with heat. I have been unfortunate to suffer with two heat strokes and that is ridiculous. The one time I suffered from heat exhaustion, was in my own home. My air conditioning had been on the fritz since day one, but I hoped it would get me through this latest heatwave. I really shouldn’t blame it on the air conditioning unit, after all, it is just a machine. I should blame the air conditioning’s break down on myself. We had a terrible thunderstorm earlier in the year and my air conditioning unit had sustained quite a bit of damage. We had a lot of huge sized hail and the AC unit was taking the brunt of the storm. I should have had it inspected following the storm, but since it turned right on, I thought it should be okay. I am pretty sure that once our HVAC service tech shows up and does his job with the air conditioning unit, that our AC will be working well again. I am hoping that is what will happen, but I’m afraid there is a lot more damage to the AC unit than either my husband or I are planning on. I guess I can only wait until next week when our appointment for the HvAC technician to

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