The HVAC guy is on the way.

The HVAC specialist had the aC unit back together, but it wasn’t working

My husband has already torn my toaster apart three times and every time I have bought a new toaster the next day. I was hoping we weren’t going to need to buy a new car a couple months ago. He decided to go outside on the hottest day of the year and try to change the oil. He had never touched the car before, and I knew we were in for trouble. I was so glad to see our neighbor come by and offer his help. Last week, we weren’t getting any cooling air coming from the air conditioning unit. I saw him walk through the house with his tools and I called the HVAC company. I knew how my husband was, and I also knew that within an hour, he would have a mess that he had no idea how to fix. At that moment, I couldn’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars for a new air conditioning unit. I was told that I would have a HVAC specialist in the house within an hour. An hour later, the HvAC technician came to the house and I told him the dilemma I was in with the air conditioner. He went outside and my husband was so happy to see him. The HVAC specialist had the aC unit back together, but it wasn’t working. He came inside and looked at the thermostat. After putting new batteries in the thermostat, our air conditioning began to work again. My husband was looking really sheepish about the situation and I was probably grinning.


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