I could never deny AC to my children

I know that some people grow up in less than perfect homes.

I had an amazing home and I couldn’t imagine anyone having anything other than what I had.

We had an air conditioning system in the house. Dad had Zone control installed and every bedroom had its own thermostat. We were able to control our temperature to what we liked and they were okay with that. My husband also grew up in the south. He told me they had air conditioning and Zone Control, but they didn’t have control over their own thermostat. I couldn’t understand how you could have a thermostat in your room, but not being able to control it. He told us that his mom and dad had the thermostats in their bedroom and that door was always locked. I thought he was just joking. He often told me stories about his childhood and I would end up laughing. This time he seemed very serious. He said that whenever he or his brothers would act up, they would have to sleep in the spare room. The spare room was the punishment room. His parents would lock them in that room and they would then shut off the air conditioning. There were no curtains on the window and it would sometimes get so hot that they would nearly pass out. I can’t understand how anyone could be so cruel as to deny air conditioning to their children. It made me realize why my husband would get so upset if someone played with the thermostats in the house or if it would be too warm in the house. He was just seeking the AC he craved as a young boy.
Air conditioning system