Jealous of my friend’s new thermostat

When my heating and A/C machine started having issues, I couldn’t help but to fear the worst.

What if this was the end of my central heating and A/C device? That would be a disaster, because there was no way I would be able to afford it.

Thankfully, the A/C tech came out and told me there was nothing wrong with my heater and A/C machine, which was a relief to hear. No, it was my thermostat going bad. I had an old dial thermostat, and so I bought a newer dial thermostat off of the HVAC website and got it in the mail a few days later. I easily installed it, and was quite happy with my purchase. That is, until I saw my friend’s thermostat. My friend also got a new thermostat around the same time I did, except hers was a smart thermostat. I didn’t know much about smart technology, but it turned out it was way nicer and also more expensive. When I came over to her place, one of the first things I noticed was how great her home felt. She told me it was because of her new climate control, and new smart thermostat. She showed me, and I was pretty impressed. It had an awesome touch screen, and was super easy to control. I will admit, I was getting pretty jealous of my friend’s new thermostat, and now wishing I did a bit more research into wifi thermostats before buying my own. Anyways, I am considering getting my own smart thermostat now.


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