My fireplace is working great

I constantly thought it would be awesome to have a wood burning fireplace in our home.

  • When our spouse and I planned the design of our new house, I insisted that the people I was with and I include a gigantic fireplace in the living room.

The two of us spent a fortune installing the chimney, marble mantle and intricate hearth. The end result is entirely beautiful. It’s also a complete waste of space. After living in the beach house for more than five years, we’ve built one fire, however chopping down wood is awful and time-consuming, dragging the wood through the new home created a large mess. Building the fire was difficult, and after that I dealt with fumes, smoke and soot! Stray flames singed the carpet. The two of us needed to huddle right near the fireplace to prefer the heat. I have now started looking into the occasion of converting the wood burning fireplace into a natural gas heater. I’ve consulted with a local HVAC business who specializes in natural gas fireplace upgrade. The project won’t cause much of a disruption to our beach house however will require additional expense. At least the fireplace will finally serve a purpose. It would supplement our home’s heating plan and help to improve comfort in the living room. We’d be able to regulate temperature through a cordless remote and benefit from zoned heating. We’d also prefer the look and ambience of a fire with none of the setbacks. An installed fan would spread the heat evenly throughout the room, but natural gas furnaces burn clean, without fumes, and are appealingly energy efficient. The HVAC business as gave a adequate estimate, and we’ve stressed the upgrade for the early fall.

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