Finally deciding to get central HVAC, mostly for my pets

My two dogs convinced me to get a better HVAC system for my home.

They did not speak up and ask for it one day or anything, but it was easy to see that they really could benefit from it.

You see, during the summer time I would typically try to get by with only a couple window air conditioner units and some strategically-placed fans. Sometimes, one or both of the air conditioner units would break down and I would be left with nothing but the fans. I couldn’t do this but I began to notice that canine friends seem to be quite uncomfortable. I would do my best to train the fans on them but they would still be laying there panting. During my work day, I would be thinking about them cooped up in that hot house and hoping they had the good sense to stay by the oscillating fans to keep cool. I at least left them with plenty of fresh, cold water. In the winter I tried to get by with portable heating units. My dogs figured out really quick to stay in the rooms that had the heating units set up in them. The following spring, after spending the winter relying only on portable heating units, I found myself promoted at my new job and making a better salary. I decided to use part of my tax return money to install a central heating and air conditioning system in the home. I can honestly say that I probably would have spent that money on something else were it not for my two pooches and taking their comfort into consideration!
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