Foul weather doesn't bring me down!

Poor weather can be an opportunity for a pretty great day! I have never minded storms or rain so long as I could find a comfortable spot in a climate-controlled space.

We get a lot of rainy weather around here.

I’ve heard some people find it depressing. I know I would certainly be depressed if I had to work out there in the rain, that’s for sure! However, whenever I am at work, or my favorite coffee shop, or even at home, I am thankful that all three of those environments have great climate control and each of them also creates a very comforting and inviting atmosphere for me to work or enjoy myself. Winter rains in particular are very common, and my office building has a great heating unit and a dehumidifier. This creates a pleasantly warm and dry environment for me and my coworkers to work in. Despite the fact that I am thankful for this, often times I find a local coffee shop to be even better and more conducive for work. Management allows us a good deal of freedom so long as we reach our quota for the day, so they let us work wherever we want on occasion, just so long as we track our hours. The coffee shop maintains a very pleasant and warm temperature and has very comfortable furniture. It provides immediate relief from the freezing winter rain, and before you know it, you’ve got a nice hot cup of coffee and a donut to sit down with as you work on your laptop!



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