Promoting myself on social media

I will admit I was in a bad place after the pandemic shut down the place I worked.

  • I had been working for Roy and his family for six years, so it was a hard blow to take.

Not just for myself. I was out of a job, which was scary, but Roy had built that place up over 40 years and now it was done for. He had nothing left, so it was hard to feel bad for myself. I had to get back out there and find work, so I turned to social media. Worried about your indoor air quality, well I can help you! I made post after post talking about my HVAC training, and how I could check the air quality of your home and make sure you were as protected from airborne bacteria as possible. After a few days, I still had no feedback, so I decided to pay a few bucks to run an HVAC ad on social media. It was just a picture with my contact info, and the HVAC services I offered, and it would run on the Instagram and Facebook feeds of people in my local area. Well this did the truck, because I had several messages, emails, and phone calls within the first 12 hours, inquiring about the prices for my HVAC services. People were worried about COVID, and needed better air filters, or tests run on their air quality. A few people wanted to have their ductwork deep cleaned, as well, so suddenly I was booked solid for the next week!

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