Making the HVAC podcast the best it can be

I have what they used to call “the gift of gab.” I can talk, for as long as you want me to, but I can also engage in conversation, have a debate, or lead a discussion. Talking for the sake of talking is one thing, but there is an art to conversation, to making people feel invested in what you are telling them. It is no small wonder that I got into podcasting, is it? Now I get to talk a lot, and aside from my own personal show, I also host a couple of other podcasts. One of them is with my pal Ed, who is a certified HVAC tech currently in between jobs. Here is where the art and skill of hosting a show come into play, because you would assume a show about HVAC service and repair would be a bit dull, but you’d be wrong. Each episode is a bright, lively, and energetic half hour that combines around the house tips and tricks for HVAC maintenance along with product reviews and listener feedback. We don’t answer every heating and cooling question we get, but we try to answer most of them! Ed brings the in depth knowledge about the HVAC industry with him, and I do the rest by making sure he never gets too bogged down in detail. People don’t want to hear a bunch of dry facts and figures, they need bullet points and helpful ways to raise their indoor air quality. More than anything else, we need to keep them entertained, so they keep coming back.



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