Loyalty for my HVAC contractor

I got offered a job last week.

It was a big upgrade over my current job, with a 35% pay bump, and it was a hard one to pass up. It was my third job offer this year, but once again I turned it down. I can’t leave, no matter how good the pay is, because my old boss is the one who took a chance on me, so I owe him my loyalty. Seriously, I was living on the streets when I started working here. I slept in the stockroom for two months, until I could afford to rent a room. It was Gene who taught me about HVAC repair, and helped me pull myself up by my bootstraps, so how can I turn my back on him? Sure the pay isn’t great, because it’s a very small HVAC business with a limited client base, but that doesn’t matter too much. This job offer was big enough that Gene actually heard about it, because you know all the old HVAC boys are big time gossips. Gene asked me why I didn’t take the offer, and I told him as long as his HVAC company was open, he was the only guy I would work for. He was touched by my loyalty, and promised me that this heating and cooling company would never close, because when he retired he would give it to me. To be honest I like letting other people do the paperwork so I can focus on the HVAC repairs, but I can’t turn my nose up at owning my own company.


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