Keeping the crooks from my HVAC

The cage for the HVAC came today.

This is an item that I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks ago.

Nor would I have ever thought putting a cage over my HVAC cabinet would be something that I would do. You might be wondering just why I would place a metal cage over my HVAC equipment. That would for sure be a fair question. The answer is a bit harrowing for me to acknowledge but it’s a fact. There is a trend recently in our area where thieves are actually destroying the HVAC equipment in order to get to the copper fittings inside. It’s sort of mind boggling for me. There was a lady who woke up to her house being hot and humid not too far from here. She thought the air conditioning was on the fritz so she called the HVAC company. The HVAC technician ended up knocking on her door just after arriving. He had to report that the entire HVAC condenser and compressor cabinet had been ransacked. She went to her backyard to find very expensive HVAC equipment components simply strewn across her yard like so much trash. When I heard about that, I wondered just who would be that desperate to do something like that. It appears that this behavior is linked to the opioid crisis. So I went online to start searching for an HVAC cage. I just wasn’t going to allow someone to simply tear apart my HVAC equipment to get their hands on a few bucks worth of copper fittings.


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