Geo heat pump is a winner

It took us until we were old to make it happen.

  • But we finally were able to build our own house.

This was something that both my husband and I really wanted to do. When the kids were leaving the nest for college, we actually started to think about building a place for just the two of us. What better way to kick off the empty nest period of our lives? That thinking turned to getting design software and planning everything from the HVAC unit to how many shower heads we wanted in the master bath. I think this project really helped us deal with our kids growing up, moving out and building their own lives. Still, it wasn’t so easy when the reality of selling the family home hit. My husband was so thrilled with the HVAC upgrade that he almost didn’t want to sell the house. We got the latest and greatest HVAC technology which also came with zone controlled HVAC. My husband fell in love with this quality heating and air system. But we did sell the house and moved into an apartment while our house was being built. The house project was sort of a commitment to us staying put. And the HVAC equipment we chose reflected that long term commitment. We decided to go with a geothermal heat pump. This uses the near constant temperature of the earth to extract heating and cooling energy. It’s about the most efficient HVAC equipment made. However, the up front costs are more than traditional HVAC heating and cooling equipment. But we’re in it for the long haul and we’ll enjoy saving so much money on heating and cooling costs for the rest of our lives.

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