Love my window air conditioner

The summer season in my local area never lasts all that long. Although we often get some really lovely weather in April and May, the conditions don’t get uncomfortably hot until mid June. By the end of August, the weather is already cooling off again. I see no reason to spend a fortune to have central air conditioning installed. There have been real strides made in the power and efficiency of window air conditioners. Today’s portable cooling units are wonderfully lightweight and streamlined. They are also affordable. Even an Energy Star rated model can usually be purchased for under two hundred dollars. There’s no need to hire a professional for installation. I was able to buy window air conditioners for each of the bedrooms at the local home improvement store. I watched for a sale and took advantage of a manufacturer’s rebate and the purchase was very reasonable. The units were easy to mount into the window, and I completed the project in less than twenty minutes. The air conditioners offer the ability to adjust temperature, fan speed, humidity levels and even offer an efficiency mode. A cordless remote allows changes to be made without even getting out of bed. No matter how hot and humid the outdoor conditions, the little cooling units handle comfort just fine. Since we spend the majority of our time outside, we only operate the air conditioners at night and the cost is minimal. At the end of the season, I simply remove them from the windows and store them in the attic. I sleep so much better with the air conditioner running that I am always reluctant to give it up in the fall.

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