Unhappy with air conditioning at movie theater

I was really excited to go to the movies last weekend.

Since it’s the middle of July, it didn’t occur to me to bring a jacket along.

The outside temperature is consistently above 85 degrees, even at night. The humidity is truly brutal. Even running the air conditioner in the car on the way to the theater, I was a bit overheated. Walking across the hot asphalt of the parking lot, I broke out into a sweat and was anxious to get inside. However, the relief didn’t last long. The movie theater was freezing cold. It felt as if the thermostat was set at forty degrees. The air conditioner was obviously blasting at maximum capacity. There was a steady supply of extremely cold air blowing from vents located all over the place. I purchased hot chocolate at the snack bar. I took extra napkins so that I could use them to cover my legs. I shivered throughout the entire movie. It was impossible to enjoy myself and I couldn’t wait to leave. Stepping outside into the heat was actually pleasant. I wasn’t the only one who was unhappy. Everyone in the theater complained about the cold. I don’t understand why the management would want to maintain such a lower temperature. I can’t imagine how much it costs in energy bills. The wear and tear on the cooling system and the impact on the environment must be incredible. Because of the chilly conditions, I will stick to watching movies at home. At least I can control the thermostat and enjoy the experience.


Air conditioning expert