Asthma attacks start in the air ducts

I remember childhood being a weird time for everyone. It was like my brothers and I hadn’t found ourselves yet, and we were a bit weak. I mean, for instance, when we were much younger, my brother had severe asthma. I remember many nights that the entire family was woken up because he couldn’t get a single breath of indoor air into his body. During those nights, we all panicked in the background as he struggled in front of the air vents in the living room. The strange thing was, my brother was extremely athletic from a young age. When he was running around with his sports teams, he had all of the lung capacity he needed. But then, at night when we were back at the family house, he randomly wouldn’t be able to use his respiratory system. It was a huge mystery in the medical community. But it wasn’t until many years later that we found out his asthma was caused by dirty air ducts inside the house. One nurse had paused during his intake and asked if the central heating and cooling system had recently been cleaned or professionally maintained. My parents answered honestly – no the HVAC system hadn’t been serviced in a few years… maybe ten, actually. The nurse recommended that we purchase new air filters and change them out regularly. She also recommended we immediately call out a professional heating and cooling service to come take a look at our air ducts. When they gazed into the air vents, the ventilation specialist found the root of my brother’s asthma. The disgusting air ducts were completely clogged with animal dander and hair. And we didn’t even have any pets.



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