Starting with the website

When I graduated from college, I wasn’t completely sure what I was supposed to do next. So I talked to a few of my teachers, and my parents and we eventually decided on going to Heating and A/C school, so why this? Because Heating and A/C school was short and didn’t cost a ton of money, Heating and A/C jobs had a good starting pay, and Heating and A/C workers were consistently going to be in demand. I did finish Heating and A/C school, but, I didn’t instantly apply for any of the local Heating and A/C businesses. Rather, I started advertising my own Heating and A/C services online! Since I was new, I could offer cheaper prices and get some experience before I go for a Heating and A/C business. I was already familiar with digital SEO, so it wasn’t really hard for me to pay for my own website, and begin web building. I had plenty of digital SEO companies offer their help, but I didn’t need them. When I had most of the website down, there absolutely was only 1 part missing, which was a pretty theme for the overall website. I wanted something professional, but still eye catching; My sibling went to school for graphic design, so I asked him what he thought would look best, and together we chose the perfect web design, but the website was coming together great, but I wasn’t quite done yet, but obviously when creating a website, it’s not just going to appear on Google’s front page, nor is anyone going to even know of my website’s name unless I advertise. I paid for ads using Google, to help my website get even further! Last, I will learn about PPC and SEO to make my website complete.


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