Window tint so the pool is more secluded

My wife plus I added an connectment onto our house.

The two of us wanted to have an inground pool in our backyard but not have it susceptible to the element plus leaves falling into it, basically all of us have an outdoor pool that is closed in plus connected to the house.

You can go through the residing room plus out a door to the pool. The pool is covered by a roof, has heating plus cooling plus glass windows around it. It is almost like being in a yellowhouse. The windows make the space look super classy. I like that you can be in the pool but guess like you are outside. The only snag is the privacy aspect of it. The pool is in the back of the house, but our neighbors live in a many story house. If the couple is upstairs, they can entirely look down plus into our pool. Occasionally I want to swim totally naked after a workout. Occasionally I want to swim in my pool late at night plus guess private. I can’t absolutely do that right now. My wife wants to do a decorative window film. That would add a pattern like raindrops or frosted glass to the windows. I still want to be able to see out of this. I found a window tint just adds a color plus is still clear from the outside. It won’t be as pretty once you are in the backyard, but still will look pretty when you are inside the house. I think a window tint might be a better choice for us.


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