Using yoga to get my wife’s confidence back

My wife was in an accident three years ago, and it nearly cost her life.

She spent weeks in the hospital before she could come home, and the next two years in physical therapy.

Now she is recovered, or at least as recovered as she is going to get, but her mindset hasn’t recovered. She feels weak and broken, and with all of the weight she put on during recovery, she feels poorly about herself. She wants to stay inside all the time. I have tried to get her to go to the gym with me, but she refuses. I need to do something to help her, so my first step is taking an in-home yoga class with her over Zoom. We can see the yoga instructor on our big screen TV, but our camera is off so she can only hear us. The first time we tried it, I actually left the room so my wife wouldn’t feel self conscious her first time doing yoga. The beauty of yoga is that you can push it as far as you like, but you can also take it easy and set your own pace. This online yoga instructor was amazing, and before long my wife was wanting to do sessions several times a week. She was comfortable with me being in the room with her, so we got to do the yoga classes together! My wife is now making health plans outside of the home, which makes me so happy, but most of all she feels more confident about herself, and that’s what it was all about.

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