Taking yoga classes over Zoom helped me out a lot

I think that for a great many people, Zoom was a lifeline during the last two years.

I know there are a lot of different video calling and video conferencing apps out there, but Zoom was the one that worked the best for me.

I used it to keep up with my friends and family during the quarantine and I used it every single day for my work. It really changed the way I think about interacting with people. For example, I started taking part in twice-weekly yoga classes in my own home, over Zoom, taught by a yoga master from her own home. This was a huge help to me, both physically and mentally, as yoga really allows you to delve deeply into yourself and find strength. That said, now that the lockdown is behind us, I have been going to the yoga studio once in a while. I personally feel that in-home yoga is every bit as good as the studio, yet I do like socializing sometimes. Also, it gave me a chance to try out hot yoga ,something that I wasn’t capable of doing in my house. This is basically doing a full yoga routine inside a sauna, or at least with sauna-like conditions of excess heat and humidity. You want to talk about a full body workout program, you should check out hot yoga, which will wreck you in the best possible way. I still meet my same yoga instructor over Zoom, but I balance that out with the studio, if only because of how much I love hot yoga.



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