I used to train with Olympic athletes

People know me as a physics teacher at the local community college.

I am well liked by my students, and enjoy my work.

What most people don’t know is that a few years ago I was this close to going to the Olympics. Things didn’t work out, and I crashed and burned at Nationals, but I was close. I no longer dream of competing on that grand of a scale, but I still love working on the track, either running or doing the long jump. I have wanted to get into coaching younger athletes, and have made inquiries at the local gym for opportunities. I might not have made it to the greatest stage of them all, but I was given access to Olympic level workout programs and nutritional programs. In other words, I have trained alongside Olympians, even a few medal winners, and I know their secrets to health and wellness. This is what I want to pass on to the youth, to give them workout programs that will benefit their bodies long term, as well as enhancing their performances right now. This will be scaled back to some degree, of course, because athletes at that level devote themselves to their personal training full-time, and these kids are just part time athletes. Still, I can teach them lessons about health and wellness they will be able to use in their day to day lives forever. I don’t want to be a personal trainer, I want to be a fitness coach so I can work with as many young people as possible.

Group Physical Training Classes