I love using the local gyms

As a long haul trucker, I am sitting behind the wheel of my rig for days on end.

I get time off once in a while, but I like to stay on the move.

I don’t have anything tying me down right now, so I might as well put in the work and make the money while it is there to be made. Hopefully by the time I slow down and want to quit, I will have a nice nest egg built up. Because I sit for so long, I always like to stay active whenever possible. No matter what town I stop in, I look for a public access gym so I can get in a workout. If there are no gyms around, I will take a jog, or do some cardio outside the truck. The biggest problem I find is that the big corporate gyms all seem to require a membership, which means signing up for auto-pay. I have yet to find a major gym that will let me pay month by month, because I like to do all my transactions in cash. In the smaller towns there is usually a local gym, if you know where to look, and these are much more my style. At a local gym I can usually just pay a one-time fee to use the facilities, and I don’t mind paying a premium if I need to, I just don’t want to sign up for anything. I never understood why a gym needed a full application and a card on file, anyway. Sounds like a scam.


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