Training for my journey

The point of all the training was the mountain expedition.

A group of friends and I had decided that we were going to take the two hundred mile hike along the ridge of the mountain range. It would require any number of outdoor skills, and also we needed to be in good shape. Preparing for all the different legs of this approaching journey became a sort of obsession for me. We would need to go white water rafting, rock climbing, and of course a lot of walking, so a high level of physical fitness was needed. Normally I do a lot of weight lifting, because I am a little vain and like the way my muscles look. Now I needed to pivot and change my focus and my training methods, because that extra bulk would not help me on the journey. I started doing more jogging and treadmill work to boost my cardio, and I also started taking a few yoga classes to help my flexibility. Out on the trail, being limber and flexible is vastly more important than physical strength, so my personal training changed to meet these needs. After we return I will get back into weight lifting, but I also might keep going to yoga, too, because it really gives me a killer workout in a way I have never experienced. I know that a couple of my buddies have started doing cross fit in order to be prepared for the trip, and I would join them, but I just don’t like most of the people who do cross fit.


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