Was trying to get A/C on my enclosed porch

This past month, I called the Heating & Air Conditioning device supplier to see if they could send a specialist out to the household & tell me how I would be able to put A/C in our enclosed patio.

Sadly, the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist they sent to the household never genuinely got into looking at the reasons for not having heating & A/C in the patio… We ended up talking all afternoon, & then she asked me out.

At that point Heating & Air Conditioning was nowhere near the top of our list of conversations, and it wasn’t until she was ready to leave the household that she asked me why I had called her to the house? I started to laugh, & told her that I wanted to know how I could get A/C onto the patio before the warm season. I had constant sunlight beaming through the several walls of glass on the patio… The heat became totally unbearable last year & there was no way I was able to do my yoga moves. Constantine looked around the patio, & told me that she could possibly attach the patio to the Heating & Air Conditioning device, however, to do this would mean adding an extra air duct. The addition of ductwork would be rather luxurious, then she felt that it may be an easier process to install a ductless Heating & Air Conditioning device with the ductless Heating & Air Conditioning system. There would be only a small unit at the top of the wall above the windows, & a small unit outside the household opposite the inside unit. I would have both heating & A/C from the ductless Heating & Air Conditioning system. There would also be a remote control to operate the HVAC device since it was so high out of reach.


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