Wrestling workout classes at the gym

I know that pro wrestling isn’t a sport, ok? We all know this.

I don’t believe that those are real fights, I know that the outcomes are determined in advance by writers, who script out most of what we see.

I also don’t care if it’s real or not, as long as it has hot action! I love actions movies and shows with tons of fighting, so why wouldn’t I enjoy pro wrestling? Because it’s “not real”? No TV shows are real, even the reality shows! I mention all of this because my new personal trainer used to be a pro wrestler. When I hit the gym it isn’t so much for a stiff workout, it’s more to hang out with him and listen to him talk about the wrestling business. This guy never made it big time, but he worked in the business for years. So every trip to the gym is a stroll down memory lane for my childhood passion for wrestling. The guy even has a full sized ring set up in the gym, which is usually used for boxing, but he also puts on some classes there. Because of him, this gym even offers a class called the art of pro wrestling, which combines a cardio workout with getting thrown around the ring! I have taken the workout classes a few times, and always walk away bruised but high on life. I love my gym so much because of this guy, so I won’t even tell you which gym it is because I don’t want a bunch of new people crowding me out!


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