Jumping rope is a great workout

I am convinced that jumping rope is the best type of cardio exercise.

It is an entire-body workout.

It’s an excellent means of burning a tremendous amount of calories very quickly. It requires practice and dedication to become proficient at jumping rope and building sufficient stamina. When I first chose to add jumping rope into my fitness program, I wasn’t all that good at it. I purchased a leather rope with weighted handles. When I first started, I kept stepping on it, tripping over it and smacking my calves with it. I had difficulty jumping for longer than a couple minutes without either messing up or getting too exhausted to continue. I practiced and steadily improved. I gained endurance and added to my skills. I had complaints with the leather jump rope. It kept tangling, fraying and breaking in half. I decided to invest into a more expensive and higher quality jump rope system. This type of jump rope offers a selection of weights of rope. I use a quarter-pound, half-pound, full-pound and 2-pound rope. Each one connects to the same set of handles. Connecting and removing the handles is quick and easy. The rope never knots, kinks or frays. The rope swings more smoothly. The options for weights provide for different types of workouts. Since buying the new jump rope system, I’ve gained new skills. I can run with the rope, perform high knees, hop on one foot and complete criss-crosses and double-unders. I really like jumping rope and am thrilled with the rewards. I have lost weight, toned my arm and leg muscles and increased stamina. I jump rope nearly every day.



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