Going too far with exercise

My health and fitness is a priority.

I am careful about nutritious meals.

I have been a vegetarian for many years. I stay away from fast foods, coffee, nicotine, processed foods and alcohol. I make a point to get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water. By exercising every morning for an hour, I maintain good physical condition. My training sessions include a dedicated warmup, stretching, balance exercises, weight lifting and cardio. I concentrate on endurance, range of motion, flexibility, calorie burn and toning. Because of my commitment, I have the confidence to push my body to extremes. I have managed to alleviate headaches with a rigorous workout. I’ve handled stress, depression, frustration and exhaustion with exercise. However, my refusal to miss a workout can sometimes be a detriment. I have headed out on a run when I was feeling ill, and I’ve made my symptoms much worse. After a six-mile run, I came home and started shivering, throwing up and came down with a fever of 101 degrees. I’ve extended healing times because I failed to rest an injury. I suffered from plantar fasciitis in both feet from overworking them. I’ve experienced leg cramps, swollen joints and sprains. Although I take my physical fitness levels to the extreme, I am convinced that I enjoy more positives than negatives. As I’ve grown older, I’ve kept the same weight. I’ve avoided major injuries, and I’m able to enjoy an active lifestyle. I easily keep up with my kids, and I regularly hike, kayak, play tennis, paddle board, swim and go for bike rides.