Old space furnace in basement

After my aunt died, my husband and I were in charge of cleaning out her home and preparing it to be put for sale.

I didn’t know my aunt really well, so it wasn’t too difficult to clean out her belongings.

However, it did make me sad looking back at all of the old timey black and white pictures and all of the other knick knacks she had laying around. I planned on keeping a few myself to make sure her memory was not forgotten. We cleaned the kitchen, which was already almost spotless. Cleaning out the living room and her bedroom took a little longer, but soon we had them cleaned out as well. Next my husband and I split up to do different areas. He chose the guest room and I took the basement. The basement was like most typical basements, dark and creepy looking. I wanted to get in and get out, but unfortunately, my aunt had quite a lot of stuff down there, which meant I was going to be in there for a while. I ended up slamming my toe into something hard, and upon further inspection, it was a space furnace. I was surprised that my aunt had an area heater, because it was fairly against modern technology, including heating and cooling. But maybe the winters had started to get to her, and she eventually bought a space furnace. I would need the help of my husband in order to remove the portable heating unit, and so it was saved for last.

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