Landlord didn’t want to repair A/C unit

There are quite a good few reasons why I really don’t like living in apartments.

One is the obvious, they are incredibly small. Even the bigger apartments are no match for an actual house. I like to live in a home that has lots of room, and apartments don’t. The second is the noise level. Since you have neighbors on all sides of you, you can expect to hear a lot of noise all of the time, 24/7. You might think at 3 in the morning it should be nice and quiet. Nope, there is always someone out at crazy hours. I have even heard kids screaming and rolling down the hallways at 3 in the morning ridiculous. But one of the main reasons why I hate living in apartments is because of the lazy landlords. My experience with landlords has not been that great. While I know there are good ones out there, I have yet to find them. Just a few months ago, my window air conditioning system stopped working. I called my landlord, and he didn’t answer. It took him another 2 days to get back to me, which means I was without heating and air conditioning for 2 days! He finally sent a heating and A/C specialist out, but the HVAC technician was of no help, and was unable to repair the A/C machine. I had to call my landlord another 3 times before he finally sent out a second HVAC professional, and then, and only then, was my machine fixed. It should not take that long to get your furnace and air conditioner fixed.

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