My ex left the A/C in bad shape

My ex was quite great at running things into the ground.

Everything he owned and sometimes the things I owned, he handled roughly and without care.

This really annoyed me, and I learned not to let him handle or borrow anything that I owned, otherwise it would come back to me beat up and often broken. When we lived together, I noticed he even treated his own furniture and electronic devices this way. When they broke, he would just shrug and get a new one. One time he lost at some online video game, and in a rage, he broke the laptop he was playing on by slamming his fist into it repeatedly. He did the same thing with the air conditioning machine as well. Although you are not supposed to leave it running all day, that is exactly what my ex did. I would even tell him not to do that, and turn it off, but he would just shrug and ignore me. I wasn’t surprised when we had to call the HVAC specialist multiple times that year. When we finally split, my ex moved out and I was left with taking care of the heating and A/C machine in its bad shape. I decided that I was going to take care of it the way it was supposed to be taken care of, and I immediately called a heating and A/C tech. With the heating and cooling tech, I had the entire machine cleaned and maintained. I also had the refrigerant refilled and the HEPA filter replaced. It is working better than ever and I can’t say I am surprised.

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