Some people cause so much damage

I am still amazed at how some people can cause so much damage.

There is a reason why I don’t generally let my friends or family borrow things, and that is because some of them treat it like trash. If you plan on borrowing something from a friend, treat it like it was your own device. It’s sad that I even have to say that, but it’s because I am speaking from personal experience. Sometime back my friend was going on a camping trip. They didn’t want to go on the camping trip without some form of heating and cooling, so they asked if they could borrow my portable air conditioning system. I was a little bit hesitant, since it is such an expensive machine and I didn’t want anything happening to it. But I decided that I should trust my friend and let them have it. When their camping weekend was over, they returned the portable HVAC unit, and it was in horrible shape! It was covered in mud, for starters. My friend nonchalantly told me it started raining so the portable A/C device got a little muddy. A little? It was definitely not a little, it was covered in mud. Not only that, but it was clogged as well, probably from all of the leaves and debris getting stuck inside. I had to bring the portable air conditioner to a HVAC dealer and have them repair it. It took a ton of cleaning and it still isn’t functioning as good as it was before I let my friend borrow it. I should have made them pay for the damage, but I didn’t. Next time though, if someone asks to use my portable HVAC, they are out of luck.

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