After spending all week working hard, I was ready for a break

During the summer months when the temperatures are extremely hot and humid, the AC repair service is busy.

There are jobs on the schedule as soon as the day starts.

There are emergency repairs that come to the store throughout the day and all of those repairs have to be completed before the day is over. Friday is easily the busiest day of the week, because we are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Everything has to be done before we leave on Friday, including all of the installations, repairs, and service calls. After spending all week working hard, I was ready for a break at the end of the week. Unfortunately, I had problem after problem. The first job of the day was downtown at the packaging plant. The plant manager was having a problem with the ventilation system in the second bay. I checked on the ventilation system and the problem was an easy fix. Unfortunately, I did not have the parts on the truck to fix the ventilation problem at that time. I had to go to a different job and then circle back to the other job once I picked up the ventilation system parts from the shop. This added an extra 30 minutes to my day, but it would have been even more time if I had tried to go back to the store to retrieve the park earlier that morning. Traffic was still a mess at that time and I would have been sitting there for hours. Later that day, I got caught running a mostly yellow light and the cop gave me a warning. He made me late for another repair and the customer was aggravated and annoyed.


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