As a dancer with the theater, I am responsible for 5 shows each week. I am in 2 shows on Friday, 1 on Saturday, one on Sunday, and another throughout the week. My schedule is set by the director of the theater. I receive a generous pay for dancing in all five shows. The work that I have to do to prepare for the show's is extraordinary. I spent eight hours every day dancing. It takes time to learn the different routines. Most of the time we work in the theater where the shows take place. It's nice to get the feel of the space that we will be working with. During the past week, we haven't been able to practice in the main auditorium. The floors are being real finished and waxed. We've been working out in one of the extra conference rooms and the AC isn't very good in that area. We have a couple of extra fans set up by the air conditioner vents. It really doesn't help the AC much at all. It's probably 90 degrees inside of the building every single day. After my last show was over this week, I wanted to go straight home and rest. That turned out to be the day that the director wanted to take everybody out for dinner and drinks. The last thing I wanted to do was hang out and pretend to be sociable, but I had to play the game. The more time you spend with the director, the more likely you are to end up with a big part on Broadway. I hate the sucking up and schmoozing, but it is an important part of being a dancer on Broadway.

I hate working out in a room with no indoor cooling

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