Our dog loves air conditioning

Maybe he gets a little bit too hot in the summer or something

Our dog Rambo loves the air conditioning and now that the weather is cooling off outside, he is sad. Every day during the summer, he positions himself on top of the air conditioning cooling vent and he stays there the whole day. You have never seen a dog as happy as him whenever the air conditioning system is running. He is always listening for the sound of the click of the thermostat so that he will be ready whenever the A/C turns on and starts blowing air out of the air vents. His favorite place is on the hallway floor near the air vent by the big windows. I guess he gets the best of both worlds in that spot. He is in the sunshine because of the big windows, but he gets the nice cooling air of the air conditioning through the air vents in the floor too. Rambo is just the weirdest little dog ever. I have never seen another dog that likes the air conditioning as much as he does. I guess it just feels good on his furry little body for some reason. Maybe he gets a little bit too hot in the summer or something. Either way, I will always keep the air conditioning turned down in the house just because Rambo likes it. Even when we aren’t going to be at home, I still keep the A/C running because I want Rambo to be comfortable all day long during the summer. I might be wrong, but I think that Rambo appreciates that I do that for him!

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