We were staying in a rental house that had bad air quality

Last year when we were in between houses, we were renting this place that had terrible indoor air quality in it. Of course whenever we first went there to check it out, everything seemed fine to me. It did not really seem like we would have any problems with the indoor air quality in the building at all, but then once we got moved in, there started to be some problems. We started to notice that we were all having breathing issues from time to time. Then, my husband got some kind of a respiratory infection and the doctor told us that it might be coming from something in the air at our house! That scared us a little bit and we called the local HVAC company so that they could come over and check things out for us. If there was something wrong with the HVAC system in our house, then we wanted to know about it. Better safe than sorry, I always say! Anyway, the issue actually did end up being in our recent ventilation system. We had some sort of mold growing in the air ducts and even though it was a rare occurrence, it was something that could have made all of us very sick in time. It was a good thing that we had it checked. The HVAC technician came back with his ventilation cleaning equipment and they thoroughly cleaned the entire ventilation system in the house. Ever since then, there have not been any more problems in the house. Even though we don’t live there anymore and we now live in a place that has really great indoor air quality, I am still glad that the other house is cleaner and safer now.