In June the temperatures start to hit 90°

The summertime weather is extremely warm and humid.

Around June, the temperature starts to hit 90° every day.

The humidity is even worse than the heat. When we go outside, we right away feel we’re covered with sweat, and it is not a fantastic experience at all. We walk to work in the Springtime and Winter weeks. We take our automobile when it is warm outside. This summer we have endured lots of warm and humid weather. Last month, we had more than five days when the high temperatures were over 100°. On one of those days, we had to shut down the air conditioner for a couple of minutes. Temperatures on the temperature control were high and the A/C idea was running constantly. It did not shut off at all during the day. When warm air started to flow out of the air vents instead of freezing air, we were distraught that the A/C needed to be taken care of. We shut off the equipment for a couple of minutes. We tried to turn it back on after the sun was starting to set. We didn’t recognize if the A/C was going to work or not. We were extremely thankful and glad when the air conditioner came on and started working. The reason why it shut off during the day is due to the dire heat and humidity. Unfortunately, that means that while in the rest of the summer time we’re likely going to have the same exact complications. When the hot and cold temperatures are too hot, we’re going to need to turn off the air conditioner idea unless we want it to freeze up and stop working completely.

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