He is always covered with sweat

Summer weather is severely tepid and humid.

Around the middle of June, the temperature starts to hit 90° every single afternoon.

The humidity is even worse than the heat. When my son goes outside, he immediately gets covered with water and drips with sweat. It is not a great experience at all. He walks to his job in Spring and Winter weeks. But, he has to take his automobile when it is tepid outside. This summer time he has endured a lot of tepid and humid weather. Last week he had more than five days when the rapidly increasing temperatures were over 100°. On one of those nights, my son had to shut down the air conditioner for a couple of minutes. Temperatures on the control component were high plus the AC idea was running consistently. It did not shut off at all the entire day. When moderate air started to flow out of the air vents instead of cold air, he was anxious that the AC needed to be maintained. My son shut off the equipment for two hours. He tried to turn it back on after the sunlight was starting to set. My son did not think if the AC was going to work or not. He was super grateful and happy when the air conditioner came right on and started working. The reason why it shut off that day was due to the extreme heat and humidity. That means that while he is in the rest of the summer time my son will likely be going to have the same exact troubles. When the rapidly increasing temperatures are too hot, he is going to need to turn off the air conditioning idea unless he wants it to freeze up and stop running completely.



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