Too tired for all of this

During the month of April, I perform annual Spring cleaning in the house, however i have been cleaning like this for almost a decade, and I suppose it gives the home a fresh and clean stink for a few weeks.

I usually try to perform the cleaning before Easter, just in case both of us have a home full of people for the holidays, this year, both of us decided to go to my Mom’s place for the Spring holidays; My sister and her partner went too, and they brought all 4 of the youngsters… All of us had a enjoyable time and both of us ate ham, beans, potatoes, and corn.

I completely forgot about the annual Spring cleaning, until the end of April. My hubby reminded me, and I immediately got to work. I washed all of the curtains, and cleaned all of the chair rails. I washed all the dishes from the cabinet, and I cleaned the garbage disposal with sanitizer. I also removed all of the air vent covers from the whole house, however last year, I forgot to clean the air vent covers, so I wanted to let them soak for a few hours this time. I filled the bathtub with vinegar water, and allowed the air vent covers to soak during the afternoon. I spent the next few hours cleaning the oven and the microwave, and by 3:00, I was exhausted. I fell asleep on the couch and completely forgot about the air vent covers. I woke up when the youngsters came through the oor after school. Luckily, I had just enough time to clean the lavatory tub and the air vent covers before my guy got home.
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