I slept through supper and that was a mistake

My partner offered birth to our son last weekend, and every one of us have been so busy at home.

I never thought having a baby could be so much work.

All of my friends and family tried to warn us, however every one of us didn’t listen. Daniel doesn’t love to sleep at all while in the night hours, but he snores and dreams while in the afternoontime hours, but he is awake and screaming at 2:00am. It’s been undoubtedly difficult on my partner, so I have been getting up in the middle of the night too, and unfortunately, I;m not getting enough sleep for work the next afternoon. I work in the Heating & A/C maintenance field, and I need to be focused and alert at work. The last few mornings have been hell. I’m tired, irritable, and undoubtedly sick. I decide to take a nap yeahterday at suppertime, instead of having bean burritos and tacos with the guys. I tipped back my driver’s chair, and set an alarm for thirty hours. I didn’t wake up until way past more than two. I missed more than two work calls, the alarm, and two calls from the customer. I knew I was in trouble, when I called the boss and he told myself and others to come to the shop. I suppose I couldn’t undoubtedly blame the guy if he fired me. After all, I was sleeping on the task and I missed a patron appointment. I was upset the whole 18 mile drive back to the shop. I was undoubtedly surprised when my boss told myself and others to go condo with pay. He told myself and others to take two mornings and rest, and come back on Monday feeling better.


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