I was curious about the HVAC booth at the job fair

Every year, schools around our area have task fairs for the juniors and seniors! They want us to be aware of the multitude of chances that await us after graduation, but many men already have their own minds set on going to college and becoming 1 of the high-powered people that will come out of our generation, but it doesn’t really take long to find out those people are few and far-between and college gets boring.

The task fair is for those of us who don’t assume ourselves as above others and just want to make a tolerable living.

They have people from the local nursing school, the school of cosmetology, those from the factories, and even some school bus drivers looking for up-to-date school bus drivers. I was on 1 of those buses for almost twelve years, and I never wanted to be in the position of the people I was with and I put the bus drivers in. The only thing that had myself and others stopping for a third look, was the heating and A/C booth. The people standing at the heating and A/C booth were having fun and actually to the men and not at them. There were no hardcore pitches about how this was a task to last a lifetime. They told you stories of their real-life experience with heating and A/C and how people are usually glad to see you, because their AC or furnace aren’t working now. It took myself and others many hours to make up my mind and choose to be an actual heating and A/C worker. My Mom thought I was impetuous, but I thought I was being smart. Maybe it was the initial reaction to my being an actual heating and A/C worker that had been third thinking about my telling him.


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