The house heating situation had me confused.

Our furnace had been cleaned and serviced before winter.

It was only in the first half of its life, and the HVAC technician told us there was nothing wrong.

We had insulation added to the windows and in the attic. My husband checked to make sure all the windows were shut tight, and the basement was weather-proofed. We couldn’t figure out why the heating situation was so bad. We have done everything that is recommended to make our heating system efficient. There was no way we should have uneven heating. If we had one day where the HVAC system was keeping us comfortable, I would have been happy, but that wasn’t the case. Every day was different. I would take my sweater off when the heat was running, and shortly after it turned off, I would have my sweater back on and I’d be shivering. My husband was never cold, but he had a shirt close to him all the time. We were discussing the reasons behind the heating situation, and he said he had to have missed something. There were no problems with the furnace, so he had to have missed something when he was doing the insulation. We were talking about the furnace as we went upstairs to get the Christmas decorations. My husband had left the door ajar and you could feel the heat coming up the stairs. He had forgotten to close the attic door. Our furnace was working overtime to heat the attic, which was nearly as warm as the bedroom. He smacked himself on the head and told me he should have known the heating situation was his fault.