We had to call the commercial HVAC company

We had to call the commercial HVAC company to come and fix the HVAC system in our woodshop a couple of weeks ago.

Having the right humidity and temperature levels is really important whenever you are dealing with woodworking of any kind.

A lot of people do not realize this, but if you do not have the right humidity levels, then your wood can warp and bend and cause all kinds of trouble with your finished products or with the stock that you work with. This ended up costing my brother and I a whole lot of money a couple of weeks ago. We had no idea that the HVAC system in the woodshop was actually going to be so important, but we are never going to make that mistake again, that’s for sure. After the commercial HVAC company came out to the woodshop, they looked everything over for us and they put in a professionally rated humidity monitoring system. Now, the humidity levels will be monitored constantly and we can check them whenever the heating or cooling system is running. I think that we will be safe from the ravages of humidity now. Hopefully, we won’t have any more trouble with our wood products and stock warping and bending. I always knew that the indoor air quality was important, but I never thought about it being quite as important as it ended up being for us in our woodworking shop. It’s really nice working with my brother and making things with our hands every day. I hope that our shop does well so we can keep doing this for years.