Fighting for practice times

I am the high university wrestling coach & I want our students to practice in the gym, then the university is a combined middle university & high university.

The middle university gym is a bit smaller with not as nice of unit & there is no AC.

The high university gym was replaced with all up-to-date floors, mats & now there is central a/c. This is the gym I want for our boys to practice in. The mats are the regulation size & brand new, then having cooling while wrestling is entirely nice… When the boys get hot, they tend to slip off 1 another & it makes it hard to grplum, then also they get entirely miserable & fatigued abruptly; I entirely want the full 2 & half hour practice to be worth it, but, getting into the nice gym with AC is next to impossible. I have to work with the volleyball coach, gymnastics coach & hoops coach for times… Of course everybody needs the nice gym. The volleyball net, cheer mats & nice hoopss are in that storage room. I suppose the real reason is that every team wants to practice in AC. Of course, having cooling is entirely nice. I assume wrestling needs it the most; You can play volleyball hot. Basketball should not matter if you are hot. Who cares if the cheerleaders are hot? My boys literally roll around & touch skin; Every one of us need the cooling to prevent the moisture. Nobody seems to care. I have to beg, plead & sneak our practices in that gym.

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